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Principal Desk

With the launch of technological advances, the face of education has changed a lot. We at LBS strongly believe in keeping pace with this change through constant investment in the implementation and use of latest technologies.

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Principal Desk

Education is a continuous and ongoing process. It is the elixir of life. It is the dream of every parent to provide the best to his/her child. We, at LBS aspire to help you fulfill that dream. Our students have the best guidance and technology at their disposal.

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LBS is rated as one of the premium education provider in the city. Founded on July 16, 1998, it is a private institution run by Smt. Tarawanti Educational Trust. It provides education to the students of Jalandhar through two branches. Our school in Urban Estate specializes in pre-primary and primary education .

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Our curriculum has been designed to initiate the development of knowledge, skills, and values in our students. Its key elements are:

  • Strong focus on understanding and practical implementation of knowledge.

  • Launch of innovative modes of assessments other than exams and tests
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Latest News

Jun 1, 2016

Holiday Homework will be uploaded tomorrow ( June 2, 2016)

May 25, 2016

Results of Fancy Dress ( Class : Lkg)

Most Confident :
Shaurya Dabas,...

May 23, 2016

Dear Parents​
As per to the orders issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Jalandhar, there...

May 21, 2016

Dear Parents
Kindly note that-
•School timings from Monday ( May 23, 2016)...

May 19, 2016

Results of Eng Poem Recitation
Class Ukg :
Rishabh , Manmeet,...

May 16, 2016

LBS shall be introducing STEM ROBOTICS & Lego education .Lego based learning allows students...

May 11, 2016


Reception Aster
Best Presentation-Rhea...

May 9, 2016

Results of English Paper Reading Competition
I Harkiran
II Manasavi...

May 3, 2016

Results of Book Mark Making Competition (Class III)
1st: Tudhagam, Tamanna

May 3, 2016

Results :
Pin Board Competition
Outstanding : XI ( Science); X-B
Best Theme...

Apr 30, 2016

Results of fancy dress competition ( Section wise)
Outstanding- Kartavya...

Apr 28, 2016

"Carrots, Peas, and Broccoli,
Vegetables are good for me.
For my snack and in...

Apr 10, 2016

Welcome to session 2016-17
School once again has abuzzed with activities as the new...

Mar 18, 2016

Prize Distribution list of session 2015-16 has been uploaded. Trophies will be given for...

Mar 16, 2016

(SESSION 2015-2016)

Mar 16, 2016

Prize distribution list[Session 2015-16]


-Abhinav Chauhan:...

Mar 16, 2016

La Blossoms School, South City (I-V)


Mar 16, 2016

Prize distribution list of class II-IV – UE Branch (2015-16)
Class II

Mar 16, 2016

Prize Distribution list of class I- UE Branch (2015-16)

• Tanvi Chadha:

Mar 16, 2016

Prize Distribution list of UKG – UE Branch (2015-16)
• Aarav Sharma:

Mar 16, 2016

Prize Distribution list of LKG – UE Branch (2015-16)
• Sambit Dhir:

Mar 16, 2016

Prize Distribution list of Foundation (UE Branch) 2015-16
• Nayra Jaswal:

Mar 16, 2016

Prize distribution list of Reception – UE Branch (2015-16)
• Khushi Arora:

Mar 15, 2016

2nd Level results of SOF Olympiad
(Following students have bagged merit positions )

Mar 4, 2016

🔔International achievers of International English Olympiad 🔔


Mar 4, 2016

NSTSE 2nd Level Results

•Tamanna ( Class 2) has scored All India 38th Rank (...

Mar 2, 2016

Results of Interclass Science Quiz Comp.
Class :3rd
Arpita, Ishaan...

Feb 29, 2016

Results of Inter Class Drawing & Colouring Comp.
Class 2nd
Outstanding :...

Feb 29, 2016

Result of interclass EVS Quiz Comp.
Class 2
Winners:Jigisha, Hitansh, Pihu, Reva,...

Feb 28, 2016

Result of paper reading comp ( Urban Estate)
Class 2
Outstanding: Tamanna Garg,...

Feb 24, 2016

Show N Tell Competition
Class : Foundation
Outstanding- Pavani Gambhir,Aarna...

Feb 23, 2016

Results of Quiz Competition
Winners ( Outstanding )
Class : UKg

Feb 17, 2016

Winners of Spell Wizard
Class 3rd: Krishna Nanda
Class 4th : Garima

Feb 15, 2016

Results of clay moulding competition
Class : Foundation( UE)

Feb 12, 2016

Seeking blessings from the Goddess of Knowledge -Maa Saraswati ..... Sunny hues...Spring in air...

Feb 11, 2016

Results of Spell Wizard
Outstanding Performance
Class Ukg
Astha, Aarav...

Feb 4, 2016

LBS Delegates have won the Best School Delegation Trophy for their outstanding skills!

Feb 3, 2016

Results of Draw & Colour Competition

Coloring Competition

Jan 30, 2016

Results of English Story telling competition
Class : UKg
Outstanding : Gaurvanvit...

Jan 27, 2016

Dear Parent
,The School will remain closed tomorrow (28/01/2016, Thursday ), on account...

Jan 26, 2016

Due to the ongoing cold weather , it has been decided that classes Pre -Nursery to V will remain...

Jan 17, 2016

🌸Garima Singh of Class 2nd has scored 1st position & bagged International Gold Medal

Jan 9, 2016

Result of draw n color Comp. Class : Ukg
Outstanding performance :

Jan 9, 2016

School Timings from Jan 11, 2016 onwards
For Urban Estate Branch
Class I...

Dec 26, 2015

Great news!!
1.Garvita of 10th class has been selected in the school National table tennis...

Dec 25, 2015

Merry X- Mas to all 🔔🔔
Thanks dear parents , relatives, friends & our dear...

Dec 22, 2015

Step right up to the most fun around!
X-Mas Carnival is coming to LBS on Friday, 25th...

Dec 17, 2015

🎄🎄Christmas Carnival coming soon!!🎄🎄👻🎅🎉🎉

Dec 16, 2015

Harshita of class 9th has been chosen as Junior RJ ( Jalandhar) after series of Selection Rounds...

Dec 16, 2015

Piyush Sharma bagged 3rd Position in UCMAS competition held at Delhi

Dec 16, 2015

Results of Hindi Rhyme Recitation ( LKG )
Outstanding Performance:
Aujas Sharma,...

Dec 15, 2015

Glimpses of Saturnalia 2015-16

Dec 9, 2015

The Students of LBS picked up the brooms to clean the school premises in response to the Prime...

Dec 9, 2015

Four young cricketers of LBS exhibited their marvelous...

Nov 30, 2015

Results of Inter-House Hindi Debate:
( Senior )
1st: Jaagriti
2nd: Mehak,...

Nov 30, 2015

Hindi Calligraphy
Appreciable Performance
Class: UKG
Stuti Mittal

Nov 9, 2015

Flower Arrangement:
Group A
1st : Abhinav, Abhijeet, Harshit

Oct 15, 2015

Results of hindi poem recitation
Class : UKG

Oct 5, 2015

Inter Class English Rhyme Recitation
Class: Nursery ( Foundation )

Oct 5, 2015

Spelling Bee Quiz
Class : 2nd
Tamanna,Vansh,Kunwar,Agam,Sanvi (...

Oct 5, 2015

Heritage Quiz Results
Apprecible Performance

Sep 25, 2015

25th September has been declared holiday on account of Bakrid. The scheduled exam has been...

Sep 3, 2015

Inter House PPT comp. ( Heritage)
Ist : Sutej & Tushar
2nd: Sanjana &...

Sep 3, 2015

Clay moulding Comp. results Ukg
Aarav sharma ,Arshia ,Kamakshi...

Jul 22, 2015

Anti -Tobacco Week
Essay Writing Competition (IX - X)
1st Position: Bavleen ,...

Jun 1, 2015

Inter Class English Rhyme Recitation
Class Ukg
Merit :
Aarav Sharma,Devank...

Jun 1, 2015

Results of Book Mark Making Competition
Class IV - V
Ist Position ( Outstanding) :...

Jun 1, 2015

Results of Book Mark Making Competition
Class IV - V
2nd Position ( Merit): Arshia...

Jun 1, 2015

Results of Interclass Story Telling Competition
Class II
Outstanding: Garima,...

May 31, 2015

Results of Inter House Draw & Colour Comp.
Classes VI - VIII

May 13, 2015

Results of Fancy Dress Competition
Best Presentation: Jaiveer Singh,...

May 10, 2015

Welcome to Session 2015-16

Results of english paper reading competition :

Mar 3, 2015

Results of Spell Wizard
Class : Ukg

Mar 3, 2015

Results of InterClass Quiz Competition( Winners)
Class :Ukg

Feb 26, 2015

Results of Inter Class Hindi Rhyme Recitation( class : Nursery)
Outstanding: Rishab (c) ,...

Jan 6, 2015

Dear Parents
School shall reopen on 7th January 2015
as per schedule ( classes Ukg...

Dec 13, 2014

Results of English Story Telling Competition ( Class UKg)

Oustanding Performance...

Dec 13, 2014

Results of interhouse hindi debate comp.
Ist- Sanjana
2nd- Hetain
3rd -...

Dec 7, 2014

Results of English Story Telling Comp.
Outstanding: Kirti, Nandini

Nov 11, 2014

Results of clay moulding competition
Class 1st
Outstanding: Jasnam,Vanshdeep,...

Oct 27, 2014

UKG: appreciable performance:...

Oct 27, 2014

Results of Draw & Colour Competition
( Urban Estate Branch)
Class Lkg

Sep 28, 2014

Results of Hindi Rhyme Recitation

Class : 1st
Outstanding: Vanshdeep,...